10 Cheating Facts All Girls MUST Know

10 Cheating Facts All Girls MUST Know

10 Cheating Facts All Girls MUST Know
Relationships between men and women will always be the most popular topic for studying. Scientists keep conducting different researches and experiments to gain insight into the essence of love and its components. One of the pillars of love is fidelity. People understand it in different ways, so for one couple being faithful may mean one thing, while for another couple it may have a slightly different meaning. Why do people cheat? Who cheats more: men or women? Is it possible to continue a relationship after adultery? Psychologists have answers to all these questions. Check out the following facts about cheating to become an expert at this matter.
Women fear emotional infidelity, men fear sexual infidelity


It’s one of the proven psychological facts about cheating that women distinguish between emotional and physical cheating. The emotional one is even harder to forgive. The roots are in women’s psychology. Women prioritize the emotional bond, so if a woman notices that her man has friendly relationships with his female coworker (or just constantly checks on top Brazzers pornstars) , she’ll be very jealous and equate it with cheating. Psychologically, men prioritize physical faithfulness, because they don’t want to bring up some other man’s offspring. That’s why for them, cheating always involves sex. A woman will call her man a cheater if he develops a strong emotional closeness with some other woman.
It’s possible to repair a relationship after cheating
According to relationship experts, a relationship can be saved after one of the partners cheated on the other. However, that relationship should be worth being saved. The cheater should sincerely repent one’s misdeed and promise it will never happen again. The “betrayed” partner should believe that was a one-time weakness. Both partners should turn the page and never mention this situation or ask questions about it.
Women cheat as frequently as men
According to one of the facts about cheating in relationships, men are not the major cheaters. Today, men and women are almost equally unfaithful. The percentage of cheaters in heterosexual couples goes like this: 23% of men and 19% of women.
The most frequent reason for cheating is suppression of sexual desires
Boredom and not communicating one’s sexual preferences to one’s partner – these are two reasons for a person to look for sexual diversity outside a regular relationship.
Social networks facilitate cheating
This list of facts about cheating in relationships would be incomplete without this fact. There is a direct link between the increasing popularity of social media and the increasing number of emotional and sexual infidelity. This is because ex-partners can get in touch with each other through a social network and contribute to the infidelity rate.
Cheating doesn’t mean you’re unhappy in a relationship
Cheating often occurs on the spot when alcohol or momentary temptation decides for a person. From which we can draw a conclusion that people cheat not out of despair or revenge only. 56% of cheating men and 34% of cheating women claim that they are happy or totally happy in a relationship.
Women cheat during ovulation
According to biological facts about cheating in relationships, an ovulating woman feels sexual attraction not only to her partner but also to other men. Only women whose man is very sexually attractive make an exception.
Infidelity is a reason for 65% of divorces
Most couples break up after the fact of cheating. Only 35% of couples are able to recover from adultery and move on as nothing really happened.
Most flings start in the workplace
In 85% of cases, people cheat on their partners with their coworkers. Hours spent working on one project unite people and draw them closer. Very often, it grows into sexual attraction.
Cheaters are more sexually active in marriage
Due to active hormone releases, cheaters often become more active in bed with their regular partners.

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