Sex after having children: easy tips to save intimacy

Sex after having children: easy tips to save intimacy

Childbirth is the most significant occasion in every family’s life. It is supposed to strengthen family ties, to make lives of men and women brighter and full of love. However, not a single couple can maintain their romantic relationship without sex, and sex after childbirth is connected with a range of problems as usual. Women’s bodies go through serious changes, as well as their mental condition. Men also get over psychological changes. Therefore, people think it is too hard to get their intimacy back to normal. We won’t lie – it is hard, but not as much as everyone think. How to have sex after having a baby? Let`s figure it out with

Reasons of rare sex after childbirth

Of course, doctors recommend couples to have sex not earlier than 4-6 weeks after parturition. This period is enough for uterus and vagina to get back to their prenatal sizes. But why do women refuse to have sex even after few months after and what to do?

  • They are afraid of pain. Despite the wounds are healed, young mothers may be still afraid of pain and complications. In this case they must visit a doctor to know exactly when to have sex. Some couples practice anal sex after child birth. But still, you cannot take any actions until your doctor examines your health. There can be certain complications you may not know about and anal intercourse will cause even more problems than a traditional sex.
  • They are tired. “I don’t have any energy on this!”, women say and they don’t think up. They are exhausted because of lack of sleep, annoyed with their baby’s cry. It is important for men to give their love a hand and to carry after baby as well.
  • They think they aren’t attractive any more. Unfortunately, women’s self-evaluation drops after parturition. They try to get used to a new body, which may be hard. Most of them begin to work out or change their appearance. Moreover, most of men find a slightly curvy body very hot. Have a discussion together and share opinions about your new body: whether your man likes it or not,  
  • Fear of get pregnant again. Despite a common myth, women can easily get pregnant during the lactation. Contraception after childbirth is indispensable if you don’t want another kid as soon as possible.

How to maintain romantic relationships after childbirth

Many couples feel their relationship goes worse with a birth of child. Postpartum depression, hormonal and psychological changes are not the main reasons of that. Young parents waste most of their attention and energy on a newborn child, it is an axiom. They work harder, sleep less, get nervous more easily. Apparently, a coldness in relationship after delivery is a regular phenomenon in every family.

Having sex after childbirth is impossible without tenderness and love. How to save warm feelings?

At first, you should not dream up everything will be excellent right after delivery. Having a baby is perfect, it’s a very important step, but your relationship also matters. Kids should be raised in harmony, and two irritated parents can hardly create a suitable atmosphere. Be ready to difficulties and support each other.

Secondly, and it is a recommendation for men, respect your women and make her feel comfortable. If she is ready for sex anyway, do not give up on her feelings and health. Give her a massage, turn the music on, light some candles. Make her feel desirable and attractive.

Finally, don’t stop dating. It is hard during the first year of child’s life and you may not have any time for that. But don’t hesitate to ask your relatives and friends for help. Have a date night at least a couple of times a month. Arrange romantic dinners right at home and give each other small presents. Children are not the barrier to your sex life, just have a little patience and respect.


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