Things Women Secretly Want In Bed

Things Women Secretly Want In Bed


Sometimes ladies think that men borrow inspiration from ridiculous sources – they are difficult to please. Females are nothing like in pornography films where every detail keeps them going. In reality, even the slightest bit of sadness and anxiety can turn this pleasant act of loving into torture. Yes, we are dependent on the outer circumstances: the vibe, the mood, the health and, of course, mutual chemistry. While men satisfy their cravings by easiest mechanical moves, women, on contrary, need dozens of various acrobatic etudes together with gentle caressing and romantic whispering. But how does an average man understand such a complex human being in terms of satisfaction? How does he know kinky things women want?

Things women are silent about may openly frighten you, dude. Some men even wonder if girls masturbate, and we live in 2018. The amount of ignorance that exists in modern society due to a concept that sex is shameful for girls is insane. The fun thing, men absolutely love when women like it hard, they definitely are positively surprised, but somehow girls still remain humble and modest.

So here are 6 things women secretly want in bed from

  1. Sex with a stranger

One of the top things women want is sex with a stranger. Sex with a stranger is a risk, thrill and excitement. Those feelings that a woman is sometimes desperately seeking. It can be some a handsome guy in the club, a new fitness coach or a guy who’s cosplayed Jon Snow – there are plenty of options. The idea sounds scary. This is, of course, not about all the girls, but there is a place on this sinful earth for such women.

  1. Sex with someone forbidden

Here is another good point on the matter of things women want in bed. This is not about the Pope himself, although there are such young ladies for sure. We talk about sex with a person whom the girl knows personally. She realizes that getting in touch with him is taboo, but what can you do with thoughts that swarm in your head and rise fantasies about, say, her girlfriend’s boyfriend? Of course, fantasy can seem quite harmless, but the very presence of such thoughts makes you think that she is cheeky. If we could read the minds of other people, we could hardly build a normal relationship.

  1. Lesbian Sex

Even ardent conservatives in gallant men’s ranks are not against such fantasies of their friends. 42% of women would not refuse to try to have sex with a girl. This desire soon comes from curiosity and interest, rather than an obsession. At this moment, the woman wants to feel the kindness that she gives to a man during sex. You could never think of girl who sleep together after drunk parties. Or could you?

  1. Role-play

What about things women want men to do? So you look at your female friend and you see a beautiful girl. While she at this moment presents herself as a schoolgirl who has not done her homework. Perhaps this is an attempt to satisfy the desire from the sixth grade. Women are dirtier than you think.

  1. Group sex

Some girls often dream about it. Whether they are her dreams of a kidnapped princess or April, stolen by Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo – it does not matter. Such a fantasy is often common among women who are in long-term relationships, and previously did not have a large number of sexual partners.

  1. Dirty talks almost make her explode

Now let’s consider things women want men to do in bed. What women want to hear in bed? Definitely not the quotes from Frank Sinatra songs, I’ll tell you that. You may not believe me, but women often say that they like dirty talks. Women like it when men say aggressive things, but this should not go beyond the threshold of your bedroom.


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